Wednesday, October 9, 2013

How to suicide??

Despite of being a muslim, i've been thinking of to have a suicide. Not only once, twice or thrice. But thousands of times. What a shame.
Indeed alhamdulillah i am still alive as i've been writing this post.
Having this feeling indeed make me learn something;
I'm still alive today coz it is not my time yet to die particularly.
I'm still alive today coz i've been thinking of that a suicider won't enter jannah at all cost. Such a waste to have a miserable life in dunya and still you're going to have a miserable life in akhirah; the 'alam that ever lasting. Right?
I'm still alive today because the mercy of Allah to give me a chance to repent at all cost.
I'm still alive today because to write this post so that any muslims who got any idea to have suicide to actually read this post before.
Allahu a'lam. May Allah forgive and give me strength to standstill in His path.
#Firman Allah dalam  Al-Quran, An-Nisaa berkata: "Dan janganlah kamu bunuh dirimu; sesungguhnya Allah adalah Maha Penyayang kepadamu." (4:29) #
Indeed Allah loves you. So don't simply give up and keep still on your track! Allahu mustaan. May Allah helps.

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